Peter Coppola Mentioned on Hair Brands Mine Skin-care Innovation

A recent article on the Women’s Wear Daily’s website,, titled Prestige Hair Brands Mine Skin-Care Innovation featured commentary from Peter Coppola. The article discussed the reality that recent skin-care trends are transforming the hair-care category, even in the prestige retail realm. Explaining that some hair-care lines now boast ingredients that sound like luxury skin regimens, WWD went on to explain that people are now treating their hair and scalp in much the same way as they treat their skin.

As Peter Coppola shared with readers of the article, “there are 68 million baby boomers who want to look younger, and hair plays such an important role…We want women to see you can reverse the negative effects of hair aging just like with skin care.” Peter Coppola’s Keratin Concept line features ingredients like collagen and ceramides that offer anti-aging properties, along with keratin protein, which helps control frizz and provides hair smoothing benefits. How does that mak


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