Happi Magazine’s Article “Masters at Work” Mentions Peter Coppola

Happi.com, a magazine and website for the household and personal products industry, recently quoted Peter Coppola and included information about his new Keratin Concept Collection in an article that described innovations in the hair care segment that are fueled by both R&D teams, as well as stylists themselves.

The article noted that the current trends in professional hair care are anti-aging, damage repair and multi-benefit products. As Peter Coppola explained to Happi readers, “There has been quite a bit of development with anti-aging products. Women today are not just concerned with anti-aging as it relates to their skin; they want a product that also restores youthfulness in their hair. Anti-aging products are for women of any age; using the right products to combat aging proactively, rather than reactively later in life.”

Coppola’s new Keratin Concept Legacy Collection, which features the new Keratin Treatment with ceramides and collagen in addition to hair smoothing kerat


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