Peter Coppola Q&A in Short Hair Magazine August 2013 Issue

Peter Coppola, an icon in the hair industry, was recently asked by Short Hair Magazine to share his expertise with readers of the magazine’s August 2013 issue on the topic of hair color, and more specifically, highlights and lowlights. In a feature titled “Color Me Gorgeous”, Peter Coppola was asked to shed some light on the differences between highlights and lowlights, and how each process improves the overall look of hair.

Coppola, founder of the Peter Coppola Keratin Concept Collection and a leader in the hair industry for over three decades, explained the difference between highlights and lowlights to readers and the purpose for each in an overall hair color plan. For starters, Coppola differentiated between a highlight, which is a section of hair that is lighter or brighter than the base color of the hair, as compared to a lowlight, which is a section of hair that is darker or richer than the hair’s base color.

He further explained that the…


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