Peter Coppola Interviewed In Beauty Industry Report’s December Issue

A full two-page interview with Peter Coppola about his new Keratin Concept brand was recently included in the December 2013 issue of The Beauty Industry Report (BIR), a monthly newsletter for executives in the professional beauty business. During the interview, BIR touched on many aspects of Coppola’s 45 year career in the beauty industry, ranging from what propelled Coppola to enter the beauty industry in the 1960’s and the impact he made on the industry once he entered it to how Coppola was prompted to enter the realm of product development and usher in the keratin smoothing treatment revolution.

Coppola then went on to share with readers various aspects of his new Keratin Concept brand that set it apart from other brands in the market, as well as how he came to the formulation of his new products. He explained how his focus has been on providing safer alternatives to both stylists and clients while providing the staggering number of baby boomers (over 78.5 million!)


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